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Blueberries by the pint or quart.
We pick blueberries for you and sell them by the pint or quart.

U-Pick Blueberries:
You can pick your own blueberries and purchase by the pound.  We supply the buckets you supply the enjoyment of picking your own berries.

Frozen Blueberries:
Bagged blueberries freezer packed and ready for purchase.  Available after the picking season so that you can have blueberries for your enjoyment anytime of the year.

Blueberry Plants:

  • Over 20 different varieties available for purchase in different sizes and ages. 
  • 1, 2, 3, 5, & 7 gallon potted plants
  • Age ranges from 2 year olds to mature 7 year old plants
  • 1 year old liners
  • All are available in potted nursery containers.

Inquire about wholesale orders over 1000.

Tomato Plants: Presently on Hold
We grow 100% organic heirloom tomatoes.  Check back with us in the spring to see which varieties we have and availability.  We will feature over 20 different varieties in limited quantities.  Tomato plants are grown in 4″ nursery pots with established root systems and robust plant structure, ready to be planted in your home gardens for your enjoyment.

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  • Reka

    Early Season

  • Blueray

    Mid Season

  • Duke

    Early Season

  • Patriot

    Early-Mid Season

  • Bluecrop

    Mid Season

  • Elliot

    Late Season

  • Jersey

    Late Mid Season