Blueberries by the pint or quart.
We pick blueberries for you and sell them by the pint or quart.

U-Pick Blueberries:
You can pick your own blueberries and purchase by the pound. We supply the buckets you supply the enjoyment of picking your own berries.

Frozen Blueberries:
Bagged blueberries freezer packed and ready for purchase. Available after the picking season so that you can have blueberries for your enjoyment anytime of the year.

Category: Blueberries
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  • Rubel

    Late-Mid Season

  • Pink Lemonade

    Mid-Late Season

  • Bluejay

    Early-Mid Season

  • Blueray

    Mid Season

  • Duke

    Early Season

  • Patriot

    Early-Mid Season

  • Toro

    Mid Season

  • Bluecrop

    Mid Season

  • Elliot

    Late Season

  • Jersey

    Late Mid Season