About Us

What We Do

Our farm was started at the end of summer in 2014. Then the owner and operator Mark Artessa began a test plot of 125 blueberry bushes at 6884 Roberts Rd in Clinton, NY. We thought how nice it would be to wake up and pick berries on our own land. Later that year we began setting rows and making the field ready for phase one of our blueberry u-pick field.

The following spring we started work on setting the rows of phase two of the blueberry u-pick field and working on a custom soil so that our blueberry plants would thrive in our field.  As warm weather came in April 2015 we started planting of our first 16 rows of our field.  In those 16 rows we planted 1800 blueberry plants alternating each row with Bluecrop and Blueray varieties.

Once we reached the end of summer in August 2015 we planted the second phase of our blueberry field.  On the left side of our field we feature 14 rows of 2000 blueberry plants.  Rows 17 to 24 are Bluecrop and rows 25 to 30 are Jersey blueberries.

All throughout the process of planning and planting we had to grow and hold plants to be planted in our field.  This is how our nursery operation came about.  In our first planting year 2015 we had over 2000 plants that we grew for future expansion.  As time went on we acquired more varieties and expanded our growing area to be a full grown nursery operation.  Our licensed and inspected nursery is now ready to grow and sell blueberry plants and make them available for anyone who wants to grow at their own homes.  We presently have Northern Highbush Blueberry plant varieties to choose from.

Our family of 6 welcome all of you to come visit us during blueberry growing season to pick fresh delicious blueberries while enjoying the picturesque view of the countryside.  Our berries are ripe from mid July to early September.  Our nursery plants are available from April to November ready to be purchased.  We look forward to seeing you here.