Northland Blueberry


Northland Early-Mid Season



  • Early-Mid season cross between Northern High-bush and Low-bush. 
  • Height is around 3-4 feet when mature, vigorous and moderately spreading. Can reach 5-6 feet when horizontal branches are heavily pruned. 
  • Ripens around July 10 in central New York. 
  • Consistent yields around 15-20 pounds per bush. 
  • Fruit ranges from small to medium size. 
  • Quality of berry is moderately firm with a medium picking scar, if berries are picked soon after ripening. The color is dark blue and has a wild berry flavor. 
  • Bred for low chill areas and can handle heavy snow loads. 
  • Very nice ornamental plant as foliage is beautiful all throughout the year. Dark green leaves in summer and orange-red in fall with yellow branches in winter. 
  • Hardiness Zones 7a-3b. 
  • PH of soil needs to be 4-5.5. 



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1 gallon 2 yr, 1 gallon 3yr, 2 gallon, 7 gallon


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