Blue Ray Blueberry


Blue Ray Mid-Season



  • Mid Season Northern Highbush 
  • Height is 4-6 feet at maturity with spreading-upright growth. 
  • Ripening date is around July 18 in central New York. 
  • Yields consistent from 10-20 pounds per plant at maturity. 
  • Fruit size is large to extra large. 
  • Berry quality is firm, picking scar is small and color is bright blue. 
  • Leading variety planted for u-pick fields. 
  • Great ornamental value, dark green color in the summer and burgundy red in the fall.
  • Hardiness zone 4-7.
  • pH of soil needs to be 4-5.5.


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1 gallon 2yr, 1 gallon 3yr, 2 gallon, 3 gallon


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